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What we're about!

Uncompromising Quality.  What sets us apart from the competition is a truly superior product, made by a manufacturer that

 cares – While other roofing companies claim to have “the best shingles”, or “the best shingle warranty”, we’re confident that our product is superior – so much so that we’ll tear it apart in front of you to show you the components that set our product, IKO, leagues in front of the competition.

Customer Service. Our team will take every step needed to ensure you are entirely satisfied with your new roof, insurance claim process, and that the level of customer service has been nothing short of stellar! Our team works as a single cohesive unit, and always seek further education regarding our craft – After all, the best way to serve our wonderful clients is to be the most upstanding, knowledgeable, and customer service oriented versions of ourselves that we can be; we’re sure you’ll see the difference between a regular roof and a “Zenith Roof”

Community Involvement. Our company and individual contractors participate in many charity events and community outreach programs. We believe the best way to make the world a better place is by starting right in our own back yards, and using our success to better the situations of the less fortunate or underprivileged.

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